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Industrial Pallets

  • We provide a wide range of industrial pallets (1200x1000 mm).

Detailed information about the product Industrial Pallets

Plastic pallets have a longer shelf life than wooden pallets. They don't allow mould or fungus to grow and are easy to clean, being therefore suitable for areas where hygiene is of extreme importance.

While being exported, the pallets have no need to be fumigated, as they are not contaminated, which makes for reduced costs. There are no exposed nails or screws, which reduces the risk of injury to the worker and damage to the merchandise.

All production residues are reprocessed into pallets. The pallets are recyclable and very environmentally friendly.

The 1200x1000 mm pallets are available in models with a capacity from 1900 kg to 7000 kg, with perforated or closed structures and with feet or skids.

For further information see our images and PDFs.

Material HDPE-RE / PE-RE
Reference Static Load Dynamic Load Design
PPCHA1210 1900 kg 900 kg 9 feet
PPCAK 2000 kg 1000 kg 9 feet
PPCBKP9 2500 kg 800 kg 9 feet
PPCCKF3 4000 kg 1200 kg 3 skids
PPCDKNM/3/A 4500 kg 1500 kg 3 skids
PPCEKP/3/P 5000 kg 1500 kg 3 skids
PPCFEL1210 6000 kg 1200 kg 5 skids
PPCKEP1210 7000 kg 1500 kg 6 skids
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