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Trolley for order preparation (LM Réalisations WZL KT3)

  • Allows to integrate screen, printer, pistol grip and a power supply cabinet (AC/DC power supply: current source).

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Detailed information about the product Trolley for order preparation


  • Ergonomic: 1 trolley for the screen, pistol grip and parcels. Improves productivity, less movement, all equipments to prepare order in the same place
  • Easy to handle: 4  wheels Ø125 mm - 2 handles
  • Modular: possibility to fix baskets, shelves, pistol grip mount support
  • Autonomous thanks to energy cabinet: AGM or Lithium baterry

Solution for industry, healthcare, logistic.

The trolley can be adapted for equipments use e-commerce and pick to light / put to light functioning.

Commercial conditions

Product in stock - 2 weeks for energy box

Overall external dimensions W 900 x D 625 x H 1800 mm
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