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Stainless Steel Mobile Protective Enclosure for complete IT workstation (LM Réalisations Loginox LCD)

  • To hold, organise and protect IT workstations or labelling machinery. Autonomy provided by power cabinet.

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Detailed information about the product Stainless Steel Mobile Protective Enclosure for complete IT workstation


  • Ergonomy
  • Physically protects computer equipment
  • Fully modular internal structure


  • Mechanically welded assembly
  • Stainless steel structure to which additional shelves may be added.

Upper section:

  • Stainless steel "Rollbar" in sintered 30 mm tubing which is attached the LCD Protection, also compatible with a Pistol Grip Mount
  • Worktop in stainless steel plate for a mouse and keyboard (integrated mouse mat)
  • LCD Protection IP 65: protection for flat screens protects LCD monitors from dust, temperature changes, splashes, the cold, etc.

Lower section:

  • Encased by composite panels, 10 mm thick, compatible with WiFi and RF transmissions
  • Two doors: one on the front, the other to the rear for access to the computer equipment within;
  • Handling: two side-mounted handles
  • Sliding shelf - dimensions (WxD) 515x700 mm (dimensions of shelf when extended: 450 mm);
  • Fixed intermediate shelf
  • Ambient air & heat extraction and filtration system
  • Connection: the enclosure is delivered with
    • A strip of five 220V 10/16A electrical sockets with its own illuminated master switch.
    • Two standard cable glands (7 to 13 mm) to allow cables to enter the cabinet.
  • Ground contact: 4 wheels (100 mm diameter), two of which pivot and can be locked, two of which are fixed.


  • Pistol Grip Mount support
  • Waterlight Label Slot option
  • Energy Cabinet option
  • Additional fixed or sliding shelf
  • KDL: cable gland system.

Commercial conditions

Product in stock (except energy cabinet). Delivery ready-fitted.

Model External Dimensions (WxDxH) Internal Dimensions (WxDxH) Request information
Loginox LCD 860x760x1020 mm 780x720x800 mm Contact the company
LCD Protection IP 65 500x100x500 mm 480x84x480 mm Contact the company
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