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Printer protective enclosure (LM Realisations ZAG)

  • Protect your thermal printer against dust, water, shocks and extrem cold temperatures between 5°C and - 30°C.

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Detailed information about the product Printer protective enclosure

ZAG : printer enclosure


  • Shock resistant
  • High levels of physical and thermal protection
  • Suitable for large-sized thermal printers


  • Single piece, heat-formed thermoplastic cabinet body, giving the same structural strength on the front, sides and back
  • Walls in 19 mm thick composite, through-coloured to guarantee cabinet protection & waterproofing
  • Cabinet has a smooth surface to facilitate cleaning and prevent the buildup of dust/waste
  • Two composite mounts can be added to hold and lift the printer
  • Connectivity: the cabinet is supplied with two standard cable glands (7 to 13 mm) to allow cables to enter the cabinet


  • Side access to thermal printer
  • Cabinet openings
  • Side panel swings out on a piano hinge and held in place by two latches
  • Heat-formed cover with PVC reinforncement to provide optimal resistance
  • Flap closes against lip-seals to guarantee leak-tightness
  • Attached with piano hinges and supported by two pneumatic cylinders

Front panel: Access to printer controls and labels via the front of the cabinet using a swing-out flap in 6mm PMMA (transparent thermoplastic)

ZAG FD: Designed for cold temperatures between 5°C and - 5 °C

The enclosure fitted with one thermostatically controlled 150 W convector fan heating system

The Printer raised up on two PVC mounts:

  • one fitted with the two re-heating systems
  • the other used to allow the heat to circulate through the cabinet

Connectivity: The enclosure is supplied with two standard cable glands (7 to 13 mm) to allow cables to enter the cabinet.

Handling: Easy access to the printer: side panel folds down with stainless steel strengtheners, piano-style hinge and held shut using two latches.

Heat-formed cover with stainless steel strengtheners to improve the strength of the cover: Cover closes against drop-down flap fitted with lip seals.

Fitted with piano-style hinges and held open by two pneumatic rams.

Front panel: Printer controls and labels accessed via the front panel using a composite fold-down flap.

Opening & closure controlled by compression locks.

ZAG GF: For exteme cold temperatures between -5°C and -30°C

  • Two thermostatically controlled 150 W convector fan heating systems
  • Insulation provided by a 20 mm thick layer of Styrofoam on the sides and base of the cabinets

Commercial conditions

Possibility to have specific dimensions

Overall external W 450 x D 760 x H 550 mm
Usable internal W 420 x D 720 x H 520 mm
Specific dimensions On request
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