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Mobile XL Housing for Computer Equipment (Mobicar XL)

  • Designed to hold, organise and protect IT workstations or various configurations of labelling machinery.

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Detailed information about the product Mobile XL Housing for Computer Equipment


• Mechanically welded assembly

• Structure in 20/10 steel plate with four vertical pillars allowing adjustment of shelf height

• Upper section

• 'Rollbar' in 30 mm diameter sintered tubing, for:

• An adjustable monitor mounting plate

• Pistol grip mount

• Worktop in steel plate designed for a keyboard and mouse

• Handling: 2 handles on the side or a single handle on the front

• Lower section

• Encased by composite panels, 10 mm thick, compatible with WiFi and RF transmissions

• Doors held shut using compression latches

• Two doors: one on the front, the other to the rear for access to the computer equipment within

• Capable of handling several height-adjustable shelves for printers and/or labelling machines

• Lower shelf in steel plate - designed for an optional cabinet providing an autonomous power supply (batteries,converters, chargers, etc.)

• Cable glands of 80 mm diameter

• Ground contact: 4 wheels (100 mm diameter), two of which pivot and can be locked, two of which are fixed


• Mobility

• Ergonomics

• Autonomy provided by power cabinet

• Optimised productivity

Also available in an 'extreme cold' version with fitted heating system (down to -30°C).

Overall external dimensions (W x D x H) 750 x 700 x 1430 mm (incl. rollbar)
Internal dimensions (W x D x H) 655 x 620 x 880 mm
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