Papeles El Carmen

Leading company manufacturing packaging for the retail, industrial, and food industry.
Over 60 years of experience.

Alzuza, Navarra, Spain

About Papeles El Carmen

Papeles El Carmen has over 60 years of experience in the market. This experience mixed with dedication has led us to have more than 12,000 customers in Spain and throughout Europe.

We work with multiple materials to suit all market needs: plastic, paper, raffia, non-woven, biodegradable plastic, oxodegradables, recycled.

Papeles El Carmen is committed to continuous improvement through the adoption of new materials, investing in fully automated production lines and innovating in the development of new products; for example the Scattovia storage bag.

All this without wavering from our environmental commitment with three main lines of action:

  • Production process with zero volatile organic compound emissions to the atmosphere. Company corresponding to the national level with the acquisition of Integrated Environmental Authorisation.
  • Implementing new technologies and manufacturing extrusion: reducing the weight and thickness of the raw material for energy efficient products with fewer natural resources.
  • Developing the green line brand: Products are environmentally friendly, made from biodegradable, oxodegradable, recycled, recyclable, and reusable materials.

Main Products:

Trade and Industrial Sector: the best image for your company.

  • Paper bag with twisted handle, band handle, string handle, or die-cut handle
  • Luxury bag
  • Ream, roll
  • Flat paper bags

Food Sector: All our products are health and safety approved.

  • Isothermic bags
  • Short bag, basic food bag
  • Custom Aluminum Complex
  • Food paper: duplex laypel, hot melt, parchment, wax paper, acuapal, window paper, laminated paper, and so on.
  • Sacovitta
  • Vacuum Bag

Own Brands:

  • Sacovitta
  • Laypel
  • Silverpal
  • Acuapal
  • Green Line

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