Importer and distributor for a large range of retail packaging and decoration products. In our portfolio you can find handmade or manufactured products, ready-made, printed or bespoke.

Kallithea, Attica, Greece

About Paketstore

Paketstore at a glance

We’re here to help you cover all your packaging needs, access a large range of quality and unique packaging and decoration products in an one stop shop, work more efficiently and reduce costs. World market leaders trust Paketstore for their retail packaging or decoration needs.

Our product range includes paper and plastic bags, tissue paper, wrapping materials, boxes, ribbons, fabrics, decoration items, seasonals and many others. In our portfolio you can find handmade or manufactured products, ready-made or bespoke, produced by us or imported from leading international manufacturers.

Our Team

Paketstore sales team consists of strong professionals, with a long experience and deep knowledge on the packaging sector, that keep a close look on the competition making sure that you get products you really want in the price you want. A unique feature that helps us stand apart from our competitors is the technology we are using in every step of the sales process, from the order placement till the order dispatch. Our developers team help us to quickly and efficiently control every issue that may arise, guarantee a smooth workflow of the sales process and offer on-time and up-to-date information to our customers.

Our Mission

Everything we do creates certain economic value. This is the guiding principle by which we approach every aspect of our work at Paketstore  At the most fundamental level, our purpose is to create certain economic value for our customers and for us; and to do this better than anyone else.

Our Company Culture

Paketstore is a place where smart people come together to face big challenges. We are always curious - and we believe there are always better, smarter ways to get things done. We constantly work to build a corporate culture that allows each of us to grow professionally while focusing on ways to make our customers more brand awarable and more successful. Our large warehousing and international distribution, makes sure that we will be able to deliver fast and accurately.