Pagani Imballaggi

28 years of experience in the wrapping and packaging sector, particularly in food, chemical-pharmaceutical and plastic industries.

Saronno, Varese, Italy

About Pagani Imballaggi

Pagani Imballaggi is a company which has worked for over thirty years in the packaging and cartoning technologies.

Our company has a dynamic and flexible structure able to satisfy promptly and skillfully the users' needs.

The Pagani Group is a partner able to appraise, propose and produce any solution, including machines or systems, which is ideal to satisfy the technical, production and logistic needs of its customers. Indeed, we follow all the phases of the technical proposal, from the study of the best solution to the commercial offer and up to the delivery and installation, including test and staff training.

The range of machines and systems for packaging and cartoning goes from the simple manual and semi-automatic solutions to high-performance automatic systems.

The demonstration and the technical tests - when possible also at the user's headquarters - are services originated from the ability to improve, support and make loyal our customers. Our success demonstrates that the consumers appreciate the commitment and availability that our organisation offers.

The headquarters in Saronno, where by now we have worked for over ten years, have a large warehouse which allows us to implement a prompt delivery as regards standard machines and consumables.

Business specialists for Packaging