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Manual pallet wrapping machine

Manual pallet wrapping machine ( Wrapman Sth)

Products from Packmore s.r.l.

Manual pallet wrapping machine ( Wrapman Sth)

Products from Packmore s.r.l.

The universal solution for any type of pallet. Machine with friction roller and mechanical adjusting for film tension.

Product description

Wrapman Sth is not just a pallet wrapper with stretch film.

It's a completely new machine. There's nothing quite like it in the world.

Wrapman Sth is ideal for companies which need a practical economic machine which packs a limited number of pallets per day.

Wrapman Sth is practical, because no effort by the operator is necessary.

Wrapman Sth does not require fixed installation and is highly compact.

Wrapman Sth also solves many different space problems. In fact, it is the only system that wraps at a distance of just 60 cm from the pallet.

Easy to use.
The Wrapman Sth wrapper is guided from behind and, while a pallet is being wrapped, the reel carrier trolley can be lifted with the up-down push-button on the right hand grip. The pallet wrapper is handy and does not require any effort. The trolley is lifted and lowered by an electric motor activated by the up-down push-button.

As in the case of all Packmore wrappers, Wrapman Sth has an anti-fall system for the reel carrier trolley, which automatically comes into action if the lifting chain breaks.

Wrapman Sth also has a rear parking brake and a small device for manually cutting the stretch film.

The machine is battery powered and has a throughput range of 90 pallet wraps per recharge. The battery charger is on board and to recharge you just plug into the mains supply. To obtain a longer range, you can buy a second optional feed unit.

Fast interchange capability makes it possible to recharge a motor while the other is on board.

On the Wrapman Sth machine, you can adjust the tension of the stretch film, with the knob on the trolley. To facilitate manual removal of the stretch film during the initial wrapping stage, the machine has a roller braking release system.

It is a very simple matter to insert the stretch film reel.

Stretch film reels with a maximum external diameter of 180 mm, and an internal core of  2 or 3 inches can be used.


  • Machine with friction roller. Manual film adjusting
  • Film tension unlocking device
  • Spool carriage lifting by motor, push button
  • Spool carriage anti-falling system
  • Supply with 2 battery of 12v - 17 Ah
  • Battery charger inside
  • Battery charger supply 100-230 vac
  • Battery autonomy 90 pallets
  • Stretch film core diameter 50-76 mm
  • Stretch film coil Max diameter 180 mm
  • Braking device on rear wheel
  • Film cutting device
  • CE Mark


  • Pallet grip device
  • Roller for net
  • additional battery kit
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Digital downloads

  • Wrapman manual wrapping robot depliant Download
  • Wrampan sth manual wrapping machine tech data Download

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