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(Sorbead India)

Manufacturer and supplier of adsorbents and desiccant products for moisture related applications, such as controlling the humidity, mould, mildew, oxidation, rust & corrosion.

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Detailed information about Sorbead

Manufacturer and supplier of absorbents and desiccant products including silica gel, molecular sieves, activated alumina, column chromatography, container desiccants, silica gel packets, desiccant tablets, oxygen absorber packets, humidity indicator cards and other desiccants for pharmaceutical packaging.

We serve industries such as Agriculture, Architectural materials, Automotive, Aerospace and Aviation, Chemicals, Coatings, Consumer products, Cosmetics & personal care, Computers, Defense industry, Electronics, Food and Beverage, Machine Parts, Medical Instruments, Military, Natural Gas processing, Packaging, Petroleum refining, Photo Equipment, Pharmaceuticals, Power generation, Public Utilities, Refrigeration, Semiconductor & Water filtration.

Sorbead India is also supplier of chromatography applications such as flash chromatography, thin layer chromatography, analytical, preparative and semi-preparative chromatography process for chemical isolation and separation process. Get silica gel powder in different grade size for chromatography process.

Quality certificates ISO Certified
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Mailing Address 304-307, Prayosha Complex, Chhani Jakat Naka
390024  Vadodara
Gujarat - INDIA
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