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Dealer of the Year increases sales by 44%

  • 20/04/2016, Nykøbing Mors (Denmark)

  • The title as 2016 PALOMAT® Dealer of the Year was awarded to the German company Wolfgang. He received the award because of his continuous and meticulous work on marketing and the splendid result from these efforts: a sales increase of 44%.
  • Company: PALOMAT®


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Every year since 2011, PALOMAT® has given a Dealer of the Year award. The award is presented to only one dealer that has shown exceptional efforts in sales and marketing, while at the same time maintaining a close and open dialogue with the assigned sales coordinator at PALOMAT®.

Susanne Møller Pedersen, sales coordinator at PALOMAT® and responsible for, among others, the German market is proud that her dealer since many years has won the award this year:

"Wolfgang has sold PALOMAT®s for more than 15 years. Over the past year, he has realised the positive effect of continuous on-line marketing for generating leads across his product range. The result of his monthly on-line newsletter dispatched to potential clients in his customer database is a new inquiry every day. And this is only based on the newsletters. Compared to last year, his sales have gone up by 44%, and I feel he really takes pleasure in his work in our cooperation. Wolfgang is a perfect example of success generating more success."

Proud of the new title

There is no doubt that Wolfgang Ifflander at Wolfgang Iffländer Industrietechnologien is proud of his new title as 2016 PALOMAT® Dealer of the Year, which was awarded at this year´s Dealer Meeting:

"The title is proof that my commitment and hard work is paying off. Sure, I am a bit proud, especially because I am able as a one-man company to sell more PALOMAT®s than some of the big dealers do. PALOMAT® is a good collaborator. The product is great, sales and technical support work well, and they offer help with different sales tools. These are benefits I can pass on to my customers. All together, this is what makes up a good business to me."

The 2017 PALOMAT® Dealer of the Year will be awarded at the Dealer Meeting on 31 January 2017 at the same time when PALOMAT® also will celebrate its 25th anniversary.

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