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MF Security Seals UK

(Mega Fortris Group UK Ltd)

Mega Fortris Group UK Ltd is the world's leading manufacturer of tamper evident security seals. We have a full range of cable seals, bolt seals, plastic seals, security bags, security labels and more.

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Detailed information about MF Security Seals UK

The Mega Fortris Group is the world´s largest manufacturer of container seals besides being a global supplier of a large range of other security products. We are renowned for our elite innovative designs with high security standards. Our aim is to provide our customers with premium security products that fully comply with their demands and requirements. These core values combined with our competitive pricing ensure that we are the preferred supplier within all major industries.

A broad network of distributors and partners throughout Europe and the Middle East represents Mega Fortris Europe. This network enable us to provide local services with a global reach within a short notice.

Mega Fortris Group UK offers a full range of security products to various industries such as general transport companies, shipping, aviation, chemicals, oil and gas, food and beverages, pharmaceuticals, communications, casinos, security companies, banks, CIT and manufacturing.

Mega Fortris has all relevant ISO product and manufacturing certifications. The company is also a full member of ISMA – International Seals Manufactures Association and is a Microsoft Gold certified member.

Quality certificates ISO 9001; ISO 14001; ISO 17712:2013; ISMA; REACH; TAPA
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Mailing Address Unit 18 Cinder Road, Zone 3 Burntwood Business Park
Burntwood  -  Staffordshire
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