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Marden Edwards

(Marden Edwards Limited)
A world leading manufacturer of packaging machines which overwrap products for presentation and distribution purposes.

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Detailed information about Marden Edwards

Marden Edwards is based in the United Kingdom where it designs, manufactures and supplies packaging machinery throughout the world.  In addition to its well established ranges of overwrapping and shrinkwrapping machinery, Marden Edwards also manufactures bespoke packaging systems and product feeding systems to suit customer's individual requirements.

Over the last fifty years the company has produced some 9000 overwrapping systems and nearly 4000 shrinkwrapping systems which have been sold throughout the world.  Every machine ever produced is still supported for spare parts and service.  A network of over 50 distributors and agents provides local backup throughout the world.

The company serves eight major market sectors:


Overwrapping and shrink wrapping systems for the presentation wrapping of chocolates and distribution wrapping of chewing gum, candies and sweets.


Ultra high presentation quality overwrapping for perfumes and cosmetic products.


Presentation overwrapping and shrinkwrapping of biscuits, cakes and pouches and distrubution wrapping for chilled foods, tins and cartons.


Presentation overwrapping and shrinkwrapping of DVDs, CDs and computer games.

Paper and Board

Presentation wrapping of reams of paper, envelopes, sticky memo pads, playing cards and business forms.


Presentation overwrapping of medical devices and cartons of blister packs.  Distribution overwrapping of collations of blister cartons, toothpaste and medical devices.

Tea & Coffee

Presentation overwrapping of 25s, 50s, 100s, 160s, 240s boxes of tea bags, boxes of loose tea and coffee bricks.  Distribution wrapping of collations of tea boxes.


Presentation wrapping for cigarette cartons, collations of individual cigarette packs, cigars and collations of rolling tobacco pouches.  Distribution pack wrapping for collations of cigarette outers.  

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Mailing Address 2 Nimrod Way
Wimborne  -  Dorset
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Press releases of Marden Edwards

Marden Edwards: High precision wrap for marzipans

18/08/2010, Wimborne, Dorset - Horst Schluckwerder OHG, of Adendorf, Germany, which manufactures a range of high quality marzipan and chocolate confectionery, has upgraded its packaging capabilities with the purchase of a LX100FF overwrapper from Marden Edwards.

Roses Tea blooms thanks to Marden Edwards

18/08/2010, Wimborne, Dorset - Marden Edwards has supplied two B100FF overwrappers to one of South Africa’s largest food and beverage producers to add the final gloss to the re-launch of its famous Five Roses Tea brand.

The new Marden Edwards Semi Automatic tuck and fold overwrapper extends Marden Edwards packaging machinery portfolio.

10/08/2010, Wimborne, Dorset - A need to supply customers with a fully flexible, reliable, adjustable tooling system has been fulfilled by the design and manufacture of the Marden Edwards SEMI-AUTO.

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