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(Focke Meler Gluing Solutions, S.A.)

Specialist in everything related to adhesives.

Detailed information about Meler

Meler began its activity in the year 1970. Our broad experience turns us into an important

The professionalism shown along all these years, adapting ourselves to the ongoing changes that have been taking place in our sector, has consolidated us as a reference brand in the market. Our large and complete range of products allows us to resolve any adhesive application needs in many and diverse sectors, just as shown on the current website.

‘Meler‘ is much more than a company, it’s an international group with a worldwide activity in anything related to gluing solutions. Its headquarters are located in Pamplona (Spain). Besides having fully-owned branches in France and Italy, Meler has got over 35 wholesalers spread around Europe, Asia, America, Africa and Oceania.

Meler Group’s main aim is to become your best provider, wherever you are and whatever your need is. We are competent specialists in adhesive industrial application systems.

The design, manufacturing, sale and service of all components are made following international quality and safety regulations, applying these basic concepts below:

  • Perfect adhesive application
  • Easy handling
  • Compact-size dimensions
  • Factory preselected values protection
  • Maximum standardization
  • Easy maintenance

Adhesive applications are spread around a broad range of markets and types of clients. The final user, not always knowledgeable about the adhesive business, is however the most inflexible critic of the benefits yielded by the gluing of components.

This is one of the reasons why a tight collaboration, working together, adhesive makers, gluing systems’ builders and final users is the best option to obtain satisfactory results.

Final users (products’ manufacturers) and OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) are common clients for us. We also work with wholesalers (abroad) and with intermediary re-sellers (in some special markets) who incorporate an added-value to our customers.

Meler’s management is totally committed to the declaration and application of a Corporate Social Responsibility Policy, which contribution to the sustainable development, by adopting responsible company’s ethics, is summarized in the following points:

To honor each country’s laws where Meler commercialize their products and to apply international regulations wherever they don’t exist. To consolidate behaviors aimed to respect the environment and the careful treatment of products and materials that could damage it when utilizing or wasting them due to the company’s normal activity. To defend and apply transparency and free market regulations, respecting the free competition rules. To conduct their management task with complete transparency based on mutual trust with shareholders and investors. To carry out informative transparency with customers and suppliers. To strictly observe Human Rights regulations, particularly on child labor and dreadful labor conditions for all workers. To guarantee the non-discrimination for reasons of sex, religion or social condition, ensuring the full integration of any worker within the community.

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Mailing Address Pol. Los Agustinos, calle G, nave D-43
31160   Orkoien
Navarra - SPAIN
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Press releases of Meler

A customised project: the Meler cold glue application head

07/06/2017, Orkoien - Navarra (Spain) - The cold glue application head is mainly designed for applications in the furniture industry and the construction sector.

Meler presents the EWS winding-unwinding machine for applying Hotmelt and PUR adhesives

03/05/2017, Orkoien - Navarra (Spain) - The Focke Meler EWS winding-unwinding machine is intended for the automotive and textile industries. A high-quality, robust, efficient product that is easy to use.

Macro Foam: melting, foaming and pumping of hotmelt and PUR adhesives

11/04/2017, Orkoien - Navarra (Spain) - Equipment designed to foam an adhesive with a gas in order to achieve certain advantages, such as, for example, hermetic and consistent sealing, sponginess and significant adhesive saving.

Products of Meler