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Complete order picking control system (CaddyPick®)

  • Semi-automated case order-picking system typically applied in the retail industry.

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Detailed information about the product Complete order picking control system

CaddyPick® is a mixture between a person-to-good and a zone-to-zone picking solution with monorail carriers - the caddy - transporting the order unit (pallet or roll cage). The caddy moves through the picking aisles automatically. A screen shows the picking orderlines with highlighted picking locations. The weighing system on each caddy ensures high reliability picking. It checks whether the weight of the picked goods correspond to the weight of the ordered goods on the screen. The order is acknowledged automatically. The caddy is also capable of storing empty pallets and packing material. Automated stations remove the waste materials before the CaddyPick® moves to the next order. Full pallet orders are automatically transported to the dispatch area.


  • Streamlined and more efficient processes due to automated hauling, putaway and replenishment function
  • Significant improvement of order filler performance due to automating the order start and order finish functions
  • Team approach to the picking function increases system performance additionally
  • Error-free picking through weight monitoring and easy pick dialogues on the pick displays
  • Quiet working environment in a palletjack-free working environment
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