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Walkway and driveway electro-welded grating

  • This type of grating can be used for anti-slip flooring as it is permeable to light, air and water.

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Detailed information about the product Walkway and driveway electro-welded grating

The support bars are disposed perpendicularly to the cross bars. The union of support bars with cross bars is carried out through the combined action of electro-welding and pressure. As a result of this no extra material is used.

As the open area of this grating represents more than 75% of the surface the main advantage is permeability. Suitable for anti-slip flooring, walkways and driveways, footbridge gratings, stair treads, landings, platforms for industrial applications, power stations, engine houses, railway bridges, shelves, off-shore platforms, etc.

This type of grating is ideal for vertical applications because the support bars and the mesh can be combined in many different ways.

Commercial conditions

We can supply standard measure panels which are in stock. We can also supply custom made panels according to the customer’s request.

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