O.M.S. Sordella

Hydraulic cylinders and lifting system producer since 1957 present on the Italian market.

Marene, Cuneo, Italy

About O.M.S. Sordella

The O.M.S. Sordella S.p.A. company founded by Mr. Giovanni Sordella in 1957 began its operations as a mechanical workshop in the factory in Savigliano (CN); in 1964 it was one of the first companies in Italy to become involved in the still novel hydraulic oil sector, with the design and production of hydraulic cylinders and hydraulic power units. Its production soon became renowned on both the national and international market, winning orders from a wide variety of industrial sectors.

In 1976 the company moved site in Marene (CN) where it today covers a surface of approx. 22.000m², 6.500 of which are used for the production cycle and an area of 600m² taken up by offices. In the same year it also began the design and construction of vertical compacting presses and hoisting platforms.

The company strategy has always focused on product quality and customer satisfaction, and it is thanks to the fact that it has achieved these goals that in 1995 it obtained the quality certification in accordance with UNI EN ISO 9002 standard from the Italian Naval Registry, which was subsequently updated in October 2009 to ISO 9001:2008. Today, the O.M.S. Sordella S.p.A. company, thanks to its ongoing investment in specialised human resources, new technologies and a constantly updated machine fleet, is now able to design and construct machines suited to a whole range of market needs. The company operates on both the domestic and foreign sphere and it directly oversees sales and assistance to its customers thanks to its high efficient internal organization. On request, it can supply products that come complete with R.I.NA, DET Norsk Veritas, M.M. Lloyd's Register, A.B.S. test certificates. Some of its most important customers are foundries, shipyards, crane constructors, car and rail construction industries, sheet processing machine construction industries, wood processing industries, maintenance technicians, logistics providers, food industries and chain stores among others. Both our technical and sales offices are always at your complete disposal to meet your requirements and give you any further details as required, so please feel free to contact us at any time.


ISO 9001:2008

Business specialists for Conveying, Handling & Lifting Systems