Insulated 25 litres Boxes

Insulated 25 litres Boxes (Olivo BAC 25)

Products from PREMIUM Olivo

Insulated 25 litres Boxes (Olivo BAC 25)

Products from PREMIUM Olivo

Rotomoulded single piece PET boxes for the transport of temperature-sensitive healthcare products (bottles, vials, etc.)


Product description

Insulated packaging solutions, the insulated box 25 litres is well-suited for:

  • Transports and logistics of temperature-sensitive human and veterinary healthcare products, pharmaceutical laboratory, wholesaler-distributor, depository-logistics provider, laboratory, pharmacy, hospital, clinic, doctor, etc.
  • Transport and storage of dry ice, dry ice containers specifically designed for the dry ice shipping and storage of dry ice.


  • Chest and lid made of food-graded monobloc rotomoulded polyethylene
  • Inner convecton groovings
  • Eutectic plate moulded shelf
  • Chest/lid moulded hinge, 115°
  • Monobloc frame silicone seal
  • Embedded closing latch - sealable with a padlock/seal
  • 2 moulded handles
  • Embedded label holder


  • Eutectic plate TOP 25
  • Moulded logo
  • Customised logo on marking plate
  • Several colours available under conditions on request

Technical details

Outer dimensions (Length x Width x Height) 490 x 510 x 670 mm
Inner dimensions (Length x Width x Height) 242 x 267 x 393 mm
Inner volume 25 litres
Unloaded weight 17 kg
Insulating material Polyurethane foam
Wall material Food grade polyethylene
Size Special size
Certification labels ATP, Food Contact, HACCP

Digital downloads

  • Insulated Box - BAC 25 - Olivo Download

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Manufacturer of insulated containers for the temperature-controlled transport of food, pharmaceuticals and industrial gases.

Roche la Molière, Loire, France