The Italian reference company for production of supply fuel systems for over 20 years.



The success of Numak products can be seen across various sectors including agriculture, transport, military, naval, aeronautics, buildings and sports, and in particular in F1 automotive.

In 2005 the thousand private plants allowed the transfer to our new plant located in the industrial area of S.Andrea in Castello D'Argile (Bo). The new large and modern structure can meet all customer requirements.

The principal product of our line is the PetrolControl system: a self-service, 24-hour plant that controls the consumption of vehicles by a personal transponder key. With this system every company can control each refuelling, without any time wasting from external distributors. The PetrolControl system has software, produced by Numak, that manages and records all the data and send them to your office-pc in order to have a direct report of all the movement. This system is able to control more than thirty locations connected to the administration point.

The Numak product line is composed of a wide range of storage tanks to satisfy every customer request and necessity: the external tanks used for the fuel storage, the tanks to bury used for the collection of wasted oils, fuel, unleaded or general liquids; the transportable fuel tanks available in carbon steel or polyethylene. One of the most important products is the Numak ecological line, this line is composed of polyethylene containers for holding water, wasted oils, vegetable oil or antifreeze available in various sizes and models. Furthermore Numak provides various types of painted-reel in stainless steel and approved by ATEX.

The latest Numak release is the line of antitheft fuel systems which guarantees total control. The meter NK3000, approved by ATEX, for the exact control of entering the fuel storage tank. The meter is available in different capacities and models, and guarantees high precision. To get protected against fuel theft it is essential to avoid the fuel aspiration from the neck of the fuel tank filler. Numak proposes a new easy-installation alarm model, without any mechanical intervention, and compatible with over 90% of vehicles.

Numak is strongly present in the international market thanks to continued research and design of new solutions for fuel control.

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