Manufacturer of the Power Pusher® pedestrian-operated electric tug, the leading industrial load mover in the global materials handling sector.

Ednaston, Derbyshire, United Kingdom

About Nu-Star

Nu-Star is a specialist UK Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) of pedestrian operated, battery powered, electric tugs and electric utility vehicles for moving, pushing and pulling industrial loads.

Nu-Star was founded in 2001 in Derbyshire (UK) and operates worldwide, exporting to: Europe, Asia, Russia, Africa, the Middle East, Australia and New Zealand.

Nu-Star pride themselves in designing and engineering reliable, powerful electric movers that reduce manual handling, promote workplace safety and improve operational productivity and efficiency. All tugs are battery powered, quiet and free of emissions. Nu-Star electric tugs are also cost effective in comparison to alternative products such as forklifts.

The range of electric tugs include: the signature Power Pusher®, Super Power Pusher, Dual Motor Super Power Pusher, Power Tug, MUV Electric Wheelbarrow, MUV Trailer Mover, MUV 4WD and HD Trailer Mover.

Our Nu-Star Engineers also work with customers to create bespoke solutions to meet their industrial load moving requirements.

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