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After certifying their excellent machining conditions with the geometry and accuracy protocols being made once the refurbishment process of these two CNC bed type milling machines by Nicolás Correa Service, S.A. ended, they were exhibited in the Showroom at the disposal of customers who wanted to visit the company for inspecting them under power.
Both are Correa milling machines, CF model, fixed bed and mobile table. The Correa CF 17 milling machine has 1800 mm in its longitudinal traverse, while the Correa CF 22/25 has 2500 mm, and in both machines, transversal and vertical traverses are 800 mm. The milling head is a universal manual one in both machines, with a Heidenhain TNC360 for the CF 17 and Heidenhain TNC410 for the CF 22/25.
After its acquisition in the second-hand machinery market, NC Service carried out the mechanical refurbishment of both machines, including the disassembling of the structural components, the replacement of bearings in the three axes and the preloading of ball screws, among others. Grinding of guides' saddle and later manual adjustment by scraper was also carried out, as well as grinding of table's surface. Both milling heads were fully inspected, as well as electrical and numerical control elements.
Once this retrofitting process was completed, both milling machines were exhibited in the company´s Showroom where a German customer was interested in their purchase. The quality of the Correa brand, as well as the immediate availability of both machines and their excellent machining conditions certified with geometry and accuracy protocols to which they were submitted to, boosted this company, leader in the manufacture of high-alloy steel components, to acquire both milling machines.
Currently these two Correa milling machines are already in operation at its customer´s facilities in Germany, where another Correa milling machines is already among its machinery park, betting again for the quality and reliability of this brand based on its good experience.