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The second hand milling machine selected by this Spain based company to start its machining business, was a 3 axis Correa CF17D which was subsequently mechanically retrofitted at the NC Service facilities, almost returning it to its initial production performance.

This bed type Correa milling machine, featuring a longitudinal travel of 2 metres and 800 mm on both its vertical and transverse axes, is also equipped with a Heidenhain TNC-410 numerical control and a manual universal head. This milling machine quality is undoubtedly the ideal one for performing general precision machining for small and medium parts.

All these characteristics led the company RDC Mill, S.L., which was set to start its industrial activity in Spain, to decide on the purchase of this second-hand milling machine as the perfect quality tool to meet its initial objective, namely the series production of complex geometry parts and prototypes, in order to achieve a product of quality. In the words of the company´s Director: "this is an extremely versatile milling machine and it is really suitable for starting up our business, that´s why I decided to purchase this retrofitted Correa milling machine. What´s more, if I had purchased a new machine, the initial investment would have been far greater."

Together with the properties of this Correa milling machine, the quality of the work performed by NC Service in the retrofitting process was what really convinced this customer to purchase this machine to start up its business. Therefore, work commenced on the retrofitting of this Correa CF17D milling machine for this customer, including the initial dismounting of structural elements as well as the subsequent sanding, priming and repainting of all these components. The mechanical retrofitting also included the replacement of bearings, the pre-loading of the spindles on all three axes (X/Y/Z), the adjustment of the guideways, the grinding of the table surface, etc. The head was inspected and repaired, including the grinding of the main axis while all the electronic and numerical control elements were inspected and, where necessary, either repaired or replaced.

Nicolás Correa Service concluded this retrofitting process of the Correa CF17D milling machine by implementing the geometry and precision protocols determined by Regulations, demonstrating the excellent precision and operation of the machine on all 3 axes.

This milling machine is now at the facilities of RDC Mill, S.L. following its installation and commissioning by the NC Service technicians. This company, which aimed to start its industrial activity with a 3 axis CNC milling machine, certainly made the right decision to purchase this Correa CF17D, considering its dimensions and technical characteristics to be ideal for high-precision machining while offering an excellent finish quality. The optimum tool to meet its customers´ demands with the utmost efficiency.