The second hand Correa A30/50 milling machine was mechanically retrofitted by Nicolás Correa Service, S.A. and finally sold and installed in a Russian company that had asked about the machine during this retrofitting process, while also requesting certain changes to be made to the machine in order to facilitate its subsequent machining work.

This fully refurbished Correa A30/50 milling machine features a fixed-bed and moving-table, with an X travel of 5 metres and a UDG auto-indexing milling head with indexed positions of 2.5º. This Correa A-30 also incorporates the dual guideways concept, featuring guideways with steel inserts and bronze counter guides on the Y axis, and resin counter-guides on the X and Z axes. It is also fitted with roller slideways and linear guideways for the table travel on the X axis, making it ideal for robust machining thanks to its heavy-duty chip removal capacity, while the design of the table guideways substantially improve dynamic performance compared to the A-25 model.

During its market analysis of occasion machinery, the company "ELECTROSVARKA" (JSC "ESVA"), visited the facilities of Nicolás Correa Service, enquiring about a number of second-hand milling machines for its business activity. This Russian company, which is dedicated to the manufacture of a wide range of products for different industrial sectors, ranging from small welding machines to complex automatic ones used in heavy industry and in machine construction, finally opted for the renovated Correa A30/50 CNC milling machine. Given that the mechanical retrofitting of the milling machine was then underway, the customer was able to request certain modifications and changes in order to adapt the milling machine as much as possible to its production requirements.

These adaptations requested by the customer included the installation on the left side of the milling table of a new 8-pocket static tool changer with a retractable dust hood, as well as a new Heidenhain wireless touch probe and a new longitudinal chip conveyor. All these accessories were installed and adapted during the refurbishment of this Correa A30/50 milling machine. Despite the distance, the customer sent all the documents and kept fully up-to-date at all times regarding the progress of the work on the machine. Finally, following the completion of the retrofitting process, the milling machine geometry protocols were conducted and the customer gave the approval of the work performed.

After receiving the customer’s approval, Nicolás Correa Service prepared the retrofitted milling machine for transport to the headquarters of the company JSC "ESVA" in Kaliningrad and the NC Service engineers were sent to perform the complete installation and commissioning of this Correa milling machine. With this acquisition, the customer will have the capacity to complete its machining work with the quality and precision that are characteristic of the Correa milling machines and with the reliability of the retrofitting work performed by NC Service.