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The technological upgrading carried out by Nicolás Correa Service, S.A. as part of the second-hand milling machine retrofitting process, includes the installation of new numerical controls. This makes it possible to completely renew the milling machines, not simply by bringing them into line with new technologies, but also increasing their useful life and even improving their original performance.

This was the case for the Correa A25/30 bed-type CNC milling machine, which has been completely overhauled, both mechanically and electronically. It was first manufactured in 1991, featuring a Heidenhain TNC355 numerical control and a manual milling head. This is a robust milling machine with friction guideways with steel inserts and resin counter-guides, providing machining rigidity.

Following its purchase on the second-hand machinery market, Nicolás Correa Service completely retrofitted this Correa A25/30 milling machine with the installation of a new Heidenhain TNC530 HSCI numerical control, a new push-button panel, new electric cabinet and also replacing the original manual milling head with a 3º UDG auto-indexing one. During the retrofitting work, new guarding was also installed with micro-controllers and a safety relay, adapting the machine to current safety requirements.

In addition to this electronic retrofit the complete mechanical refurbishment of this milling machine was also undertaken, including the disassembly of all structural components, the grinding and subsequent manual adjustment of the frame and ram, the grinding of the table surface, the replacement of bearings and the pre-loading of spindles, etc. All this work was certified through the final implementation of the geometry and precision protocols in order to guarantee excellent machining conditions.

The Correa A25/30 milling machine was finally sold to a Belgian customer who already had a number of Correa milling machines at his plant. The customer visited the facilities of Nicolás Correa Service in Burgos, checking the operation of this milling machine following the retrofitting process, and was even able to conduct machining tests. This customer also contracted the services of NC Service to manage the handling and transport of the milling machine, and its subsequent installation and commissioning in Belgium.