Currently, it has evolved as an independent company dedicated to the retrofit and sale of chip removal machinery, with its core business focused on the retrofitting of used Correa milling machines. Thanks to its extensive experience and ongoing effort to improve its knowledge and understanding, this company is able to offer a unique service, with the sale of fully-guaranteed second-hand CNC milling machines.

Specialists in the refurbishment and sale of milling machines

In the course of these 20 years, the company has made many achievements since it first started out, successfully adapting and developing in line with the Correa milling machine models, obtaining new expertise to address structural and technological changes alike, in order to always offer the best milling machine retrofitting work on the market.

Over the years, NC Service has progressively built up its leading position thanks to its team of highly qualified professionals, who are given extensive training in all technical aspects relating to the Correa CNC milling machines. The team has grown with the company, and NC Service currently has a headcount of around 40 workers, while showing a clear commitment to young talent, as shown by its collaboration with a number of training schemes such as Burgos Dual Training.

This technical expertise makes it possible to achieve a meticulous, high-quality CNC milling machine retrofitting process that always concludes with the execution of the geometry and precision protocols established for the original machines, thereby guaranteeing that, once retrofitted and installed at the customer´s facilities, the milling machine performance will be similar to that obtained when it was first manufactured.

In addition to this used milling machine retrofitting service, the company also offers prompt and effective technical support as well as a preventive maintenance service that aims to avoid unforeseen problems and damage to the machine. The company´s portfolio is completed with a range of spare parts for industrial machinery and the option to purchase used milling machines, in its ongoing drive to improve the service offered to its customers.

In the final stage of these 20 years of activity, NC Service has embarked on an ambitious growth project which started in 2016 with the purchase of a new industrial building directed at extending the company´s production area and increasing its capacity and range of machines in stock. It has also created a Showroom of milling machines to give customers the opportunity to view the newly retrofitted machines. As part of this growth and in order to address the increasing market demand, the company has also extended its range of CNC milling machines to include other brands such as Anayak, Zayer and Soraluce, and other types of chip removal machinery, with particular mention of the extremely popular Deckel Maho 5-axis machining centres. In this way, an Anayak HVM5000 milling machine has recently been retrofitted, adapting it to the end customer´s needs, and also a number of machining centres from leading brands, such as the Deckel Maho DMU 70 evolution.

Although 20 years have now gone by, Nicolás Correa Service still has the same objective that it had at the outset, namely to achieve maximum customer satisfaction. Up till now, more than 200 milling machines have been installed throughout the world, after being retrofitted by NC Service. 80% of sales are made outside Spain, and although Europe continues to be the main market, milling machines have also been installed in very different destinations as a Correa CF22/25 in South Africa, or a Correa 5 axes milling machine in USA, or even more recent destinations as Oman and Russia, but always with a common denominator, offering customers a guarantee of high quality and reliability. The trust and confidence of users who, over the years, have returned to purchase retrofitted machines, is a reflection of the company´s good workmanship and, of course, serves as motivation to continue looking to the future.