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At the beginning of 2019, Nicolás Correa Service, S.A. bought several large-sized Correa milling machines in the second-hand machinery auction market. Consisting of three bridge/gantry type milling machines and one bed type, all of them are already located at their facilities in Burgos ready for their future refurbishment process.

This second-hand machinery liquidation took place in a Swedish company shutting down its production activity. As part of its buying and selling second-hand milling machines activity, NC Service took part in this auction, acquiring a total of four second-hand milling machines. The main objective of this participation was to increase the current stock of used milling machines and other machinery aiming to provide the customer with a wide variety of machine options where they can find the most suitable one for their needs.

The gantry Correa FPM60 milling machine was the largest milling machine purchased, being optimal for a large range of machining applications due to its great robustness, precision and versatility. With 6 metres in its longitudinal traverse and almost 4 metres in the transversal one, it will be mechanically refurbished with an automatic milling head and an automatic tool changer, ending up with the performance of geometry protocols that will certify its final accuracy.

The Correa FP40/40 and Correa FP30/30 were the other two used bridge type milling machines acquired by Nicolás Correa Service. While the FP40/40, with 4 metres on the X axis and 2.5 metres on the Y axis, will also be mechanically refurbished, the FP30/30 milling machine, with 2.5 and 1.8 metres respectively on its longitudinal and transversal axes, will be completely inspected. The great reliability and robustness of this type of milling machines join with its high dynamic features and great rigidity.

Finally, the used Correa A25/30 milling machine was the only acquisition of fixed-bed and mobile table type. Featuring 3 meters in X-axis traverse, 1.2 m in Y-axis and 1 m in Z-axis, it has a manual milling head and Heidenhain TNC-426 control unit, and will be both mechanically and electronically completely inspected.

The great versatility and quality of Correa milling machines, together with Nicolás Correa Service´s experience in the refurbishment of this brand, will allow these milling machines to be the ideal machining solution even for the most exigent customers.