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High performance door for clean processes

High performance door for clean processes ( Star 5 Labo Budget)

Products from Nergeco

High performance door for clean processes ( Star 5 Labo Budget)

Products from Nergeco

Designed for clean environments, with low contact risk.

The Star 5 Labo Budget high Performance Door is designed for use in clean environments where contact risks are low and only requires the door functionality.

Curtain dimensions up to 3 x 3.5 m, adapted to normal atmospheric pressure or controlled pressure up to 10 Pa.

Specially created for clean rooms, the range of fast action doors Star 5 Labo integrates the brand new Intelligent Curtain® in its multi-composite structure.
The Nergeco Intelligent Curtain® increases insulation and reduces energy costs, repairs and maintenance. The maintenance, production and security Managers, using it within their process, like its flexible closing edge, that can be deformed horizontally and vertically. Without any heavy or rigid threshold bar or sensor, it is sensitive and reactive on 40 cm of height.
At each cycle, by added safety on just in time opening and twice as fast closing than conventional doors, the Nergeco Star 5 Labo can reduce exposure time, and therefore cut energy spending and airborne contamination risk by 23 to 32% at each cycle*.

*CETIAT (French Technical Centre for Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning), Independent Authorised 3rd Party Institution study : Study made in July 2011, simulating an opening-closing cycle with the reduction of exposure time using a Nergeco Productivity door (with just in time opening at 1m/s, fast closing at 1 m/s), compared to a conventional high speed door (fast opening at 2 m/s, slower closing at 0,5 m/s).

Structures and mechanisms of the 5 Star Labo range are multi-composite new materials. Developed simultaneously according to strict environmental constraints of pharmaceutical and aggressive environments of the food processes, these structures offer important advantages. Formulation and specific design for each kinematic and mechanical function have led to a significant increase in resistance to tearing, fatigue and denting compared to welded structures. In addition, their shapes are rounded, sloping, smooth and water-repellent. Finally, in conditions of use, these materials are more resistant to corrosion than 316L stainless steel, which makes them perfectly meet the requirements of clean environments.

To adapt to each project, Star 5 Labo range offers:

  • Three trim levels to match the traffic requirements and options for each project,
  • Four sealing devices to limit air leakage to the value required by the operating pressure, up to 60 Pascal,
  • Plus an emergency exit version. This version adds to the common features of all Star 5 Labo doors a new function for the case of emergency: the touch of the hand on the flexible screen or in case of power cut (voluntary or not), or in case of failure one of the security organs, the door opens automatically, allowing access to emergency exits. These new Nergeco Star 5 Labo "Emergency Exit" received  CO 48 approval of the French Safety Central Committee.

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Digital downloads

  • Vertical Rapid Roll Door Star 5 Labo Budget Download

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