Manufacturer of flexible, automatic, rapid industrial doors.

Dunieres, France

About Nergeco

Nergeco is an industrial company with global reach.

Since 1981, Nergeco has dedicated 10% of it's revenues to Research & Development in order to make each Nergeco high speed door a "Productivity Door."

  • The first innovation is the Nergeco productive screen. Flexible, elastic and light, this door offers improved impact protection. Simple, double or triple plied, it's resistant to wind and a good insulator.
  • The second innovation is Nergeco's interactive offering that rigorously adapts each high performance door to the specifications of each sector.
  • The third innovation is the "Nergeco industrial personalization." It makes each door trustworthy, durable, & economical over the course of numerous repetitions, regardless of the type of door, dimensions, quantity, or color.
  • Latest innovation: the Intelligent Curtain®. It increases insulation and reduces energy costs, repairs and maintenance. The maintenance, production and security Managers, using it within their process, like its flexible closing edge, that can be deformed horizontally and vertically. Without any heavy or rigid threshold bar or sensor, it is sensitive and reactive on 40 cm of height. At each cycle, by added safety on just in time opening and twice as fast closing than conventional doors, the Nergeco high speed Productivity Door can reduce exposure time, and therefore cut energy spending by 23 to 32% at each cycle (CETIAT third party laboratory study).

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