A well-known company with over 40 years' experience manufacturing machines for the metallurgy sector. Nowadays we export our machines all over the world. Machines 100% made in Spain.

Palau de Santa Eulalia, Girona, Spain

About Nargesa

Founded in 1970, Nargesa has over 40 years' experience of intense work directed to the constant search and creation of technologies to fulfil the needs of even the most demanding of customers.

Throughout this time, the steady growth of the Company has been our main target together with our team of qualified professionals deeply devoted to their work, bearers of an indispensable human quality which is an important fact for the overall develpoment of the company. This ethos shows its results in the success achieved and the satisfaction of knowing we lead the market as far as quality-price relationship and reliable product is concerned.

With eight thousand squared meters of useful surface we keep on getting stronger as a modern company that grows as we are fed by the creative possibilities of its components.

We manaufacture metalforming machines, specialized for the cold forge and the mass production of small, medium and large series of ornamental parts for the building sector.

Our products are present all around the world where we can fortunately count on a remarkable group of dealers who help grow and solidify the NARGESA name.

Our main directive is to provide the immediate and intelligent solution for the market demanding it.

Business specialists for Machine Tools