Robotic Palletiser

Robotic Palletiser (Morray Fuji Ace Range)

Products from Morray Engineering

Robotic Palletiser (Morray Fuji Ace Range)

Products from Morray Engineering

Providing one of the most experienced & flexible methods of automated product handling at a competitive price.

Product description


The new EC-171 robot palletiser replaces the previous EC-141.
With environmental issues becoming more important and the introduction of the new energy tax being levied in the near future the green qualities of machinery is becoming more important. The newly conceived Fuji-Ace EC-171 palletising robot is the most advanced and environmentally friendly robot ever offered by W J Morray Engineering Ltd. It has been designed with the prime purpose of saving energy and has a class leading electrical power requirement of around a third of its predecessor and a staggering 80% less than that needed by competitive machines of a similar capacity. In layman’s terms this machine can achieve palletising rates approaching 1500 cycles per hour with packages of up to 60kg using less power than an electric kettle! This remarkable performance is achieved by a combination of latest technology electronic servo motor control which allows regeneration and recycling of electrical power between the different axis control motors of the robot. In addition a fundamental re-design of the robot body has been undertaken to cut parts count by 20% and incorporate aerospace materials within a compact and significantly weight reduced functional form. The unique mechanical design where the robot arm is perfectly balanced when not under load or power is maintained further contributing to miserly power consumption.

Strategic Benefits

  • increase productivity
  • improve cost control
  • optimise human resources
Key Benefits - faster... easier... safer... better
  • Easy & Cost effective solution to meeting the Manual Handling Requirements.
  • Optimised - no compromise design for palletises.
  • Developed for high capacity production lines.
  • Simply integrated into existing plant layouts.
  • System software can handle up to 4 varying product sizes onto 4 separate pallet positions - simultaneously.
  • Speeds up to 1500 cycles per hour.
  • Compact system footprint.
  • Depending on the product, the multi pick-up facility allows speeds up to 5000 units per hour.
  • Up to 200kg lifting capacity.
  • Touch screen programming panel.
  • CE marked for use through Europe.
  • Multi-function.
Optional Extras
  • hand attachments for virtually every type of product
  • automatic hand adjustment for variable sized products
  • full range of pallet handling equipment including:
    - Pallet magazines
    - Pallet conveyors
    - Pallet shuttles

Technical details

Mechanism Articulated Robot
Action Mode Cylindrical
Dregree of Freedom Standard 4 axes (up to 5 axes)
Model Handling Capacity
Cycles / Hour Operation Space (Vert x Long)
Request information
EC-61 90 600 2300 x 1500 1.9 700 Request information
EC-101 120 900 2300 x 1500 2 800 Request information
EC-171 110 1500 2400 x 1600 3 750 Request information
EC-201 200 1600 2300 x 1500 7 1000 Request information

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