Net Weigher (Binder ABF/SPK)

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It is a high speed fully automatic net weigher for weights between 25 to 50 kg and speeds of up to 23 bags per minute.

For use with most free flowing products. The machine is comprised of two units, the ABF takes single empty bags from a magazine of between 200 and 600, opens the bag and attaches it to the filling spout of the SPK. When the bag is filled it is automatically transferred to the sealing system by the built in transfer unit which holds the top of the bag until it reaches the sealer.

Key Benefits

  • Used for fine, coarse, dry or moist free flowing material.
  • Flexible choice of packaging size from 25 - 50 kg.
  • Peak outputs of upto 23 bags per min.
  • Can be used with either gusset or pillow bags.
  • User friendly - menu driven, user interface.
  • Continuous operation with twin empty bag magazines.
  • Full bag control from magazine to sealer.
  • Take-away conveyor fitted to machine.
  • Gentle but quick bag filling mechanism to minimize dust.

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