Disk Lift Conveyor (Bel-Tyne)

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It allows for the economical handling of multi-various powders, granules and capsules with the minimum of degradation.

The Bel-Tyne Disk Lift Aero Mechanical Conveyor is designed to convey a wide variety of bulk materials. It is a tubular conveyor which comprises of a continuous rope assembly having plastic or rubber discs fitted at equal intervals on a wire rope supported on two uniquely shaped sprockets.

Due to the close fitting disc flight relative to the tube diameter they displace both air and material resulting in the fluidising of the conveyed material, even material which do not have fluidising properties are easily handled.

Due to this phenomenon the aero- mechanical is capable of very high throughput rates exceeding many other types of conveyor comparable with it's size and power utilised. In addition by the very nature of the conveying method minimum degradation occurs in relation to other types of mechanical conveying means.

General Method Of Operation
Disk- Lift Aero- Mechanical Conveyor is extremely versatile and can operate at any angle between 0- 90 degrees without its efficiency being impaired. A variety of conveying configuration can be provided.
The Disk- Lift Aero-Mechanical Conveyor can be driven from the bottom or top ends depending on site requirements. We would recommend that conveyor lengths in excess of 3.0 m approx have discharge end drives fitted.

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