Auto Sack Placer (Morray)

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Based around a feed & pinch roller system providing precise bag registration, consistent bag pick up & placing.

This simple design & agile mechanical solution incorporate many features for robust reliability.

Key Benefits

  • Paper, plastic or woven polyprop bags.
  • Up to 10bags/min - dependant on material/product.
  • Easily integrated with existing or new installations.
  • Automatic 2 x 200 (400bags) magazine.
  • P.L.C. controlled.

Optional Extras
  • Stainless Steel for food quality.

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Morray Engineering

Morray Engineering

Bagging, heat sealing/stitching, conveying, sack automation, sack emptying, IBC filling/discharging, robotic palletising.

Braintree, Essex, United Kingdom