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Excellence in industrial closing systems: The definition to describe Moreschi.

Arzago d'Adda, Bergamo, Italy

About Moreschi

A company that, since 40 years ago, has projected, produced and installed state-of-the-art doors and gates to satisfy every individual company's specific need, from the smallest closing system to greater dimensions.

The continuous development of products, the experience in understanding each individual customer’s requirement to provide the most ideal whilst price competitive solution, and the guarantee to provide a constant customer support, are all qualities that make the Moreschi company, the leader within the industry in Italy.

Moreschi excellence consists in: planning, made by skilled professional technicians, using high quality materials in every detail, creating innovative production techniques, installations made by Moreschi's own staff.

Moreschi philosophy guarantees a strong product, with a high degree of thermal and sonic insulation, with low maintenance costs whilst aesthetically appealing.

Insulated doors and gates, either in stainless steel or glazed, fire rated doors and gates, speed doors, loading dock equipment and safety systems:

Moreschi always has the right solution to meet any of your company requirements.

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CE (EN 13241-1), UNI 9723, UNI EN 717-1 rule R=28db, 13241-1 rule U=1.7 W/mq.K

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