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Compact Mobile Shelving (ILMAG Pharma Compact)

  • Storage system in mobile units, mechanical handling for pharmaceutical products.

Detailed information about the product Compact Mobile Shelving

The compact mobile unit system offers the ideal solution to the problem of space in the pharmacy warehouses and in any other situation of shortage of space for storage, shops, tool ... You will see that our solutions for the store are the best in terms of optimizing space and accessibility. Every cubic inch is used, because the facilities are often housed in basements or in warehouses. An economical and rational solution, made to last.

Advantages over using a storage mobile unit system / traditional shelving

  • Save 80 - 90% of space
  • Privacy, lockable mobile unit and sliding doors
  • Reduction of search time
  • Versatility, possibility of use as storage system for various containers for storage or drawers ...
  • Version with mechanical handling supply:
    • with double reduction on the hand-wheel (mechanical version)
    • structure with shelving certified ACAI-CISI
    • the possibility of back-coated in painted steel sheet, wood, or even uncoated
    • guides to the ground without the need to build into the floor or any platform connecting
System height From 1 to 5 meters
System length From 1 to 6 meters
Depth of the shelves From 300 to 800 mm
Shelving payload From 150 to 250 kg
Step or vertical pitch 25 mm
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