MicroMesh Technologies

MicroMesh Technologies is a dynamically developing industrial enterprise, focused on the creation of innovative technologies in a wide range of mesh products with small and ultra-small cell sizes.

Orenburg, Orenburg Region, Russia

About MicroMesh Technologies

MicroMesh Technologies occupies a unique position in the Russian market of MicroMeshing Technologies. In fact, our company is the only manufacturer of certain products in Russia. Our company's staff has a high level of technological skills. This allows us to move forward constantly, releasing  new products, as well as to fully satisfy the most demanding requests of our clients.

Air and water are the most valuable natural resources and MicroMeshing technologies help to preserve and protect them. Our demisters/demister packages, liquid and air filters and cascading separators can be used as a reliable components in technologies of purification of liquid nitrogen emissions (waste water vapor, etc). In addition, some technological processes, such a refuelling, oil purification etc, require very fine mechanical cleaning. MicroMesh Technology's filters can help to solve these processes at production.

Advantages of MicroMeshing Technologies:

  • high efficiency of the separation of fractions
  • high resistance to corrosive environment
  • longer life-time
  • low pressure losses environment not more than 100-500 PA)
  • possibility of  dispersions and emulsions separating
  • multiple use
  • easy cleaning, reusability
  • easy fitting/unfitting
  • low costs (investments, operational costs)
  • easy to use
  • work with a very small drops in liquids and mixtures, castings (not more than 5 mkm)

At the moment, we can manufacture various kinds of knitted, braided mesh, sleeve mesh, etc. We also manufacture final products using metal mesh (demisters, casting  filters, thermo droplet (strip seal etc.), including technical requirements of the Customer (size, material, degree of filtering etc).

We produce items such as:

  • Sleeve mesh
  • Droplet  (demister, demister mesh)
  • Thermo Gasket Strip (strip seal)
  • EMI Protecting Mesh
  • Expended Mesh
  • Braided Tinned  Mesh (BTM)
  • Casting Filters
  • Mesh Filters

Our company's mission: "We make new useful things that help our clients to achieve the best results!"

Digital downloads

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