It manufactures a leading range of force and torque gauges, motorised, console-controlled and computer-controlled test stands.

Slinfold, West Sussex, United Kingdom

About Mecmesin

Mecmesin, founded in 1977 is a leading manufacturer of force and torque testing measurement systems. For over 30 years Mecmesin has been providing cost-effective quality control testing solutions for use in manual handling and packaging applications.

Products include force gauges, torque gauges, door testers, manual handling kits, closure torque testers and console and computer-controlled test systems.

Mecmesin is a global company with offices in the United Kingdom, China, Thailand, the USA plus a worldwide network of distributors.

Mecmesin supplies manual handling kits to ergonomists and health and safety professionals across a wide range of industries including: automotive, aerospace, construction, the National Health Service, manufacturing, medical, retail, transport and regulatory authorities e.g. the HSE- Health and Safety Executive.

Mecmesin Manual Handling Kits are used to maintain safety, minimise costs, reduce injuries, improve production, and conform to relevant legislation and regulations.

Manual handling applications include:
  • Accessibility & DDA (Disability Discrimination Act) auditing
  • Functional & Physical Work Capacity evaluation
  • Rehabilitation assessment
  • Job task evaluation
  • Isometric muscle strength assessment
  • Ergonomic risk analysis

Within the packaging industry Mecmesin equipment is used to test packages, packaging components and packaging materials.

Applications include:
  • top-load testing of bevcans or PET bottles
  • push-out force of blister packs
  • openability evaluation of packages
  • force to pierce foil seals
  • peel testing of seals and labels
  • coefficient of friction testing of folios, films and sheets
  • tearing of paper, perforated board and plastic film
  • torque testing of screw closures, child-resistant closures and tamper-evident closures

Many of these tests can be undertaken using a combination of a force gauge, a test stand and special grips and fixtures. However for more complex test procedures, Mecmesin offers a range of console and computer-controlled test systems.

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