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Shaanxi More Sensing Technology

(Shaanxi More Sensing Technology Co., Ltd.)

Specialised in transducers and sensors for a wide variety of fields.

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Detailed information about Shaanxi More Sensing Technology

Shaanxi More Sensing Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Xi’an high-tech industrial development zone where its sensor research and development is based, known as the "Western Silicon Valley" in China. Founded in 1998 and after more than ten years of development, it has its own scale production base.

We are specialised in transducers and sensors fields (resistive strain gauge, weighing load cell, miniature sensor, specialised gauges, pressure sensor, axle weighing system), gas sensor field (gas, pressure, flow, humidity, pyroelectric transducer etc., many types of sensors and instrumentation), research and development production of the external testing sensor field (object location, temperature, pressure) and provide relevant solutions. Our company puts a lot of research and development funds every year to ensure the leading position in newly researched and developed products in the global industry.

Our company not only has a modern production equipment, excellent technical personnel, but also adopts the latest techniques as same as the world to develop new products to meet our user’s requirements by advanced technology and products, we provide humanised services from design, production to training etc., provide advanced personalised products which are really suitable to user needs.

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Mailing Address 31FL, Block E, Wangzuo International Building, No.1 Tangyan Road, Hi-Tech Zone
710065  Xi An
Shaanxi - CHINA
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