Mazzoni S.r.l

Company among the leading global manufacturers of pressure washers, sweepers and scrubbers. In-house production of most of the components needed.

Cavriago, RE, Italy

About Mazzoni S.r.l

Our History

The company was founded in 1969 as a family run small-scale business working on just 250 m2. Through constant growth and thanks to the dedication and professionalism of a team of specialised collaborators, that has been formed over the years, the factory site in Cavriago (RE) covers a surface area of more than 13,000 m2 today. The founding shareholders are playing a key role in guiding the company’s development due to their tenacity, commitment and personal approach to the job, which has always been recognised as a right and a duty, and due to the pleasure of creating. This mentality has become the wealth of the whole Mazzoni team, today committed to maintaining the flexibility of the company and able to satisfy the customers’ requirements to the highest possible standards, offering not only good products but also a good service, all accompanied by direct, concrete and honest relations with its partners and interlocutors.

Our Choices

Since 1996 the company has been expanding its activities into the industrial cleaning market. The extremely competitive and dynamic sector has demanded of us not only the improvement of our technical capacities but also large-scale growth in terms of flexibility, innovation and development. Today Mazzoni S.r.l. is a consolidated presence among the most important world manufacturers of high pressure water jet cleaners, sweepers and scrubbers, and 65% of the production is destined for the international market. In-house, the company manufactures most of the components needed to build its own product range: electric motors, boilers, electrical control panels, valves, swash plate pumps and accessories are fully built in-house, in our factory with high technological content, equipped with state-of-the-art numeric control machines. This structure assures the constant monitoring of the critical points of production, with a view to high quality.

Our Objectives

The primary objective of Mazzoni S.r.l. will continue to be the full satisfaction of its customers. This objective can be achieved not only by guaranteeing the respect of our quality standards, but also by keeping our products "modern", through continuous investment in research and development of new technologies. Issues linked to the environment are taking on greater importance daily, and in this field Mazzoni S.r.l. is fully committed to improving the environmental impact of its products. Our manufacturing process avoids the use of carcinogenic materials, in full respect of the ROHS directives, assures reduced noise emissions during operations, and non-polluting vapours in the boilers. And these are just the starting point in achieving our objective of continuous improvement, in all fields, every day.

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