Marsanz UK

Marsanz UK Ltd. is the UK subsidiary of Creaciones Marsanz, S.A., Spanish manufacturer of shop equipment and supermarket trolleys for the multi retail market, with strong international presence.

Manchester , United Kingdom

About Marsanz UK

Marsanz UK Ltd. (subsidiary of Creaciones Marsanz, S.A.) offers a wide range of high quality products at very competitive prices from a very reliable supplier with over 50 years experiences on the Spanish market and more than 15 years exporting our products worldwide. All our products are manufactured in Spain in accordance with the European standards.

Among our product range, our most popular products are shopping trolleys, transport trolleys, roll-containers, entry-exit devices, and a wide range of check-outs.

As a trolley manufacturer we offer a wide range of trolleys, from small size models ideal for convenience stores and small shops, to large models suitable for big supermarket stores, cash and carries. Our zinc coated trolleys with a special polyester layer, assures the product has a very long life and will be a very cost effective investment for your business. All the materials and parts (such as castors, plastic parts, etc) are supplied from the very best manufacturers in Europe. We can customise handles specifically for each customer, supply trolleys with coin lock systems or any other accessories on our product range under request.

Marsanz is nowadays a leading company in its sector, with 4 independent factories, each of them specialised in different products, with an overall surface of more than 35.000 m².

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