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Milkrun train for lean manufacturing

Milkrun train for lean manufacturing (ManuLine Crossing Storoll with hand pallet truck)

Products from ManuLine

Milkrun train for lean manufacturing (ManuLine Crossing Storoll with hand pallet truck)

Products from ManuLine

Custom-built handling solution in the spirit of lean logistics for an optimal assembly line supply.

Product description

What is the Storoll?

The Storoll is a handling system aiming for lean logistics in order to optimize the assembly line supply.

The Storoll is composed of two elements:

  • The Receiving Trailer (= Receiving carriage, Mother) for an ergonomic coupling & uncoupling of the platform, whatever its position in the Milkrun train. A Milkrun train is usually composed of several Receiving Trailers.
  • The Hand pallet truck (one per Receiving Trailer, on which are laid the loads in order to supply the different work stations.

The operational principle of the Storoll enables to quickly remove and put back hand pallet trucks in random order in the train. The hand pallet truck are then moved to the different work stations: an empty/full one replacing a full/empty one.

Advantages of the Storoll

  • Ergonomy & comfort of use
  • Strenghtened security
  • Decrease (even removal) of forklift trucks on production site
  • Fast execution of the task
  • Fast Return On Investment
  • Very low maintenance
  • Ideal in very narrow paths

Main technical specifications of the Crossing Storoll with hand pallet truck

  • Products adapted according to your technical specifications: custom-built material
  • Train with an excellent directional stability: ideal in the narrow paths
  • Loading & unloading of the load: possible from both sides of the Receiving Trailer (right or left)
  • Variant: Crossing Storoll with Platforms

Application Areas

  • Logistics & transport
  • Industry (chemistry, metalworking, etc.)
  • Assembly line supply
  • Lean Manufacturing

Contact us and discover our whole lean-based Milkrun range!

Technical details

Loading / unloading Right and left side
Standard train 4-5 Receiving Trailers
Variation Crossing Storoll

Digital downloads

  • ManuLine - Milkrun brochure: discover our range of custom-built handling material (milkrun trains, industrial trailers, lifting devices, big bag solutions, and so on..). Download

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