Manual Handling Solutions

Bespoke materials handling and lifting equipment; goods lifts, mezzanine goods lifts, mezz lifts, platform lifts, bay lifts, split level goods lifts, sales of stairclimbers and evacuation chairs.

Kings Lynn, United Kingdom

About Manual Handling Solutions

Manual Handling Solutions (MHS.COM Ltd) provide some of the most advanced material handling solutions available from standard products to a Bespoke Solution. Our range of Manual / Materials Handling Products are by far the most sophisticated and technically advanced and are manufactured to the highest standard. Our goal is to work closely with our customers and bring the most technically advanced handling solutions to market.

We offer bespoke custom designed lifting equipment, from Goods Lifts, Mezzanine Floor Lifts, Mezzanine Goods Lifts, Material Lifts, Pallet Lifts, Warehouse Lift, Platform Goods Lift, Car Lift, Dock Lift, Disabled Lift, Goods Lift, Loading Bay Lift, Work Platforms, Lorry Loaders, Galvanised Lifts, Mezzanine Floor Lift, Split Level Lift, Wheelchair Lift, Stage Lifts, Bin Lift, Wheelie Bin Lift to suit a wide range of different applications. All our goods lifts have a range of options and are built to suit individual customer requirements.

Manual Handling Solutions (Mobility) provide solutions for climbing stairs using motorised stairclimbers and stair climbing equipment. Stairway evacuation chairs include; c-max u1, c-max u2, s-max, s-max Sella, Evac+Chair 300H MK4, Evac+Chair 440, Evac+Chair 600H, Evac+Chair IBEX TranSeat 700H, all provide up - down solutions for people with a mobility impairment / reduced mobility in an emergency. As a leading supplier of Powered Mobility Stairclimbers and Evacuation Chairs we are capable of carrying people, manual & electric wheelchairs up and down stairs.

Manual Handling Solutions (MHS.COM Ltd) also specialise in providing Cargo Handling Solutions helping businesses to eliminate work related repetitive strain and musculoskeletal injuries and attendant costs. Products include Cargomaster Stairclimber C141 and C171 Vario, Cargomaster A350, Cargomaster C400, Beermaster, Copiermaster, Fridgemaster and the Multifunctional Vario-Max. Working with Industry Manual Handling Solutions (MHS.COM Ltd) are committed to helping to reduce the causes of work related spinal injuries.


We can train individuals, staff members or senior trainers, but our aim is to work in partnership with our clients needs. Our team of Stair Climber and Evacuation Chair trainers offer a wealth of experience in the equipment. Certificates are issued to trained operators.

We are a progressive company that supplies ergonomic handling equipment to UK industries. We supply to all industries specialising in food, beverage, and distribution, pharmaceutical, chemical and logistics. We are able to design lifting and handling equipment to suit and we work closely with customers in meeting their requirements. Our equipment is designed to help companies comply with current Manual Handling and Health & Safety regulations.

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