Production lines mainly for woodworking industries, furniture, car industry, sanitary ware, home appliance assemble food/beverage, warehouse etc.

Wenling, Zhejiang, China

About Maneph

Maneph is experienced in designing, manufacturing, installing and programming material handling systems for all areas of production. Customized conveyor and factory equipment for industrial assembly, quality check and packaging have been exported to countries all over the world. Applied in different areas with one goal - reducing labor force with high performance and reliability.

Maneph provides production lines mainly for woodworking industries, upholster furniture, car industry, home appliance assemble food/beverage etc. The conveyor can be equipped with lifting, upsidedown and rotation system to handle products in different processing stages.

Through all these years, Maneph has cultivated a team that is passionately dedicated to offering the best possible service to our esteemed customers, a team experienced in designing and manufacturing customized automated machines, a team fully focused on products' safety, durability and low maintenance.

Business specialists for Conveying, Handling & Lifting Systems