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Nicolás Correa Service

(Nicolás Correa Service, S.A.)

NC Service renders comprehensive services for machines and users of Correa milling machines, as well as the work of reconstruction, technological updating, purchase and sale of used equipment.

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Detailed information about Nicolás Correa Service

Technical Assistance

NC Service guarantees a longer period of useful life for its customers, providing a wide range of services for its milling machines. Highly qualified technical team, with accredited experience in servicing machines of the brand and equipped with the highest technology, are capable of fully satisfying the needs of the most demanding customers.

During the installation and start-up process of its milling machine, NC Service provides its customers with its knowledge, its experience and all technical resources required due to the great complexity of the product.

NC Service has developed a system of preventive maintenance of proactive nature for milling machines, ensuring perfect conditions of productivity, functionality and operating efficiency.

Technological refurbishment: used milling machine restored to optimal condition

NC Service rebuild milling machines, restoring features to their initial optimal performance state. Because of its professional experience in connection with the manufacturer in both the production process and in the installation and official technical service, it has highly qualified and specialized personnel as well as the know-how necessary to carry out reliable projects of reconversion and rebuilding of milling machines, boring machines, etc.

The rebuilding involves the disassembly and extraction of the defective functional elements and subassemblies, both mechanical and electronic, which, due to their wear or deterioration must be checked, repaired or substituted, using the most appropriate documentation, tools and techniques, and tuning up the unit to restore the general operative efficiency to optimal productive conditions.

The main phases of reconversion and rebuilding are:

  • Disassembly of structural elements
  • Adjustment or substitution of functional elements (bearings, engaging gear, joints, etc.)
  • Machining/rectifying of elements subjected to wear or deteriorated
  • Reconversion and electric/electronic adaptation
  • Assembly and adjustment of structural and functional elements
  • Installation and start-up

Technological upgrading

NC Service offers the opportunity of technological adaptation, functional expansion or up-grading of equipments. This consists of the incorporation of new elements which make it possible to improve, to the extent possible, the original features and functions of milling machines, with the purpose of extending the useful life of the machines and improving their competitiveness.

Some of the most requested tasks are:

  • Substitution of numerical control with another new-generation system
  • Installation and start-up of additional shafts, dividing plates, tool storage rooms and automatic changers
  • Increase of work capacity (travels, movement speed, etc.)
  • Installation tool and part measurement probes and CNC–PC communication system
  • Installation of chip conveyors, tool refrigeration or electro-chucks
  • Manufacture and installation of side casing and safeties
  • Improvement of the features with new components and of PLC programme

Purchase & Sale: Used milling machines

NC Service put a wide range of used milling machines on the market, which are previously inspected, rebuilt and/or updated in order to once again guarantee a long, useful life and ensure perfect conditions of productivity, functionality and operating efficiency. NC Service will even search for the most suitable machine on the market, to subsequently rebuild it according to the customer’s requirements.

NC Service offers the users of Correa brand milling machines the opportunity to dispose of their used machines which are no longer of interest, or to re-establish or even improve the original features of their equipment.

Consult our stock of used milling machines available.

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Mailing Address Pol. Ind. Villalonquéjar
C/ Condado de Treviño, 14
09001  Burgos
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Press releases of Nicolás Correa Service

Nicolás Correa Service retrofits another milling machine built three decades ago

24/07/2018, Burgos - In its mission to lengthen the service life of the Correa milling machines through retrofitting work, NC Service has fully retrofitted another milling machine built at the end of the eighties, using 21st century technologies.

Nicolás Correa Service retrofits a Correa FP40/40, 5-axis bridge type milling machine

22/06/2018, Burgos - The Correa FP40/40 CNC milling machine, fitted with a Heidenhain TNC-426 numerical control, has been installed and commissioned at a company in California, following a mechanical retrofit carried out by NC Service at its facilities in Burgos.

Correa L30/43 milling machine: complete retrofit by NC Service

05/04/2018, Burgos - The L30/43 fixed bed travelling column milling machine has been retrofitted and installed by Nicolás Correas Service at Talleres Trisan, a company dedicated to the machining of equipment components and the construction and/or repair of machinery.

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