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Learn how NC Service has adapted to the evolution of Correa milling machines

  • 07/03/2018, Burgos

  • Since the first milling machine was manufactured by Nicolás Correa, continuous technological innovations and structural changes have completely transformed the design and functions of the machines.


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At Nicolás Correa Service, S.A. we have directly witnessed the technological evolution during our twenty years of professional experience in the field and it has offered us the opportunity to refurbish various models of milling machines with different manufacturing dates. We have always adapted and trained ourselves in order to offer the best refurbishment services of Correa milling machines and to provide our customers with precision machining, quality and guarantee.

The models refurbished by NC Service and depicted in the image show the evolution of the Correa milling machines. Innovative developments have been made throughout time, since the introduction of our first model, the F0, to the models dating from the end of the fifties, the Correa F1V (see picture). At the end of the seventies new structural elements such as bench and position display were introduced, clearly improving the quality of machining. The numerical control unit was introduced in the eighties and was implemented in models like the Correa BC, but only after incorporation of the CNC in the A10 model, our highly versatile milling machine became a standard. Since then development has been taking place at a faster level because of the increasing demands of a tough market and mostly, a non stop evolving technology.

At NC Service we constantly develop our Correa milling machines but above all we always continue to put a high effort into understanding the most recent, cutting edge technology. Therefore, during the reconstruction process we do not only restore original performance levels but also apply new, innovative technologies to the oldest and most obsolete machines, hereby improving the quality of original features. 


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