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Logistics for e-commerce

  • Fully automated warehouse specially designed for e-commerce companies. Based in Spain we manage and distribute internationally.

Detailed information about the product Logistics for e-commerce

Hersaba Logistics is compromised with e-commerce since its birth as a logistics company with automated warehouses. Our facilities are designed for e-commerce companies due to their small shipments with the highest preparation agility and delivery.

We adapt to each client’s demand offering the widest variety of logistics services for e-commerce:

  • Reception and verification of goods
  • Quality control of merchandise
  • Classification of goods by typology of each client
  • Entry into our automated warehouse in pallets, buckets or in pick to light
  • Reception of order preparation in real time coordinated with the client's website
  • Picking
  • Promotional picking
  • Packaging according to customer instructions
  • Customised packaging
  • Management of deliveries
  • Management of product returns
  • Management of stocks in real time

Hersaba Logistics has invested heavily in this sales channel as it is achieving the fastest growths in global terms. Therefore, we have provided all the processes of the latest technology to provide the best service to our customer. We integrate with your system for greater fluidity of information and hence greater efficiency and control.

We also have a showroom area for customers who wish to offer their products to customers in an open, relaxed and high quality space.

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