Logismarket has chosen Chile because it has experienced a strong growth in recent years and has, according to the OCDE, good prospects for increasing the purchase of consumer goods in the years to come.

Chile is the fourth Latin American country where Logismarket is offering its solutions. Since mid-2008, Logismarket is obtaining good results in Mexico, Argentina and Brazil, and the manufacturers and distributors of industrial products / services have received the Industrial Directory very positively.

Despite the current global economic situation, every day more companies from various sectors contract Logismarket to announce their products and to benefit from the sales contacts generated by the directory.

For the moment, Logismarket.cl will present the following product categories:

Logismarket worldwide

Since its start in 2001, Logismarket has not stopped growing and presents its solutions now with Chile in 15 countries.

www.logismarket.de (Germany)

www.logismarket.com.ar (Argentina)

www.logismarket.at  (Austria)

www.logismarket.nl  (Benelux)

www.logismarket.ind.br  (Brazil)

www.logismarket.cl  (Chile)

www.logismarket.es (Spain)

www.logismarket.fr  (France)

www.logismarket.it  (Italy)

www.logismarket.com.mx  (Mexico)

www.logismarket.pl  (Poland)

www.logismarket.pt  (Portugal)

www.logismarket.co.uk  (United Kingdom)

www.logismarket.cz  (Czech Republic)

www.logismarket.ch  (Switzerland)

About Logismarket

Logismarket is the general and 100% B2B industry directory benchmark in Europe and Latin America with over 9,000,000* unique users, and more than 71,000 products and 4,300 companies listed. Logismarket acts as the meeting point for companies that manufacture or distribute industrial equipment and those that need any type of industrial product or service.

Logismarket forms part of the MECALUX Group, one of the world's leaders in global storage solutions.


*Global data for 2008