One of the most recent innovations of the Logismarket portal is the possibility of linking, an option to easily create a link to any page of Logismarket.

Besides the already available functions as safe as PDF, print and send, others have been added which can be quite useful in disseminating content on the interactive medium par excellence, the Internet.

From now on you can create a link to the homepage of the Logismarket portal in an easy way, either by means of a simple link or through a headline, a photo of a product, a logo or banner. In addition, you can access the linking page from the menu bar of the Logismarket directory. The aim is to enable any company, supplier, organizer of trade fairs or other entities to create a link to Logismarket.

It is also possible to do this for the rest of the portal content. The user can create a link to any company or product description, press releases, category or search result on Logismarket. You only need to click on the corresponding icon in the toolbar.

In both cases it is as easy as choosing the linking format that works best for you, copy the HTML code that is shown and paste it into a website or blog.

Under the impulse of our users, Logismarket has developed this tool which, in turn, makes it easier for clients of our advertisers to have a more convenient access to industrial information, accurate and updated directly from their website or blog.

Currently Logismarket is betting on the 2.0 Web tools to facilitate the sharing of information among the community of the users of the portal. This innovation takes place against the growing world of blogs and websites, to boost the dissemination of the richness of the content of the more than 4,300 companies and 71,000 products that form the Logismarket portal.