Easier & quicker! This is the new process to create products in the Client Area, the available and accessible online application for all the companies that advertise in Logismarket.

The improvement consists of a simplification in the creation of products through the Client Area: in only one step, Logismarket's clients can include the essential information of their products and send them for validation in a quick and easy way.

In Logismarket we appreciate the time of our clients: this change accelerates the process of the creation of products and services, and at the same time reduces the time dedicated to include the information. Now the clients can publish more products in less time, expand easily their product catalogue in www.logismarket.co.uk, and therefore increase the possibilities of receiving requests of information of the professionals that visit Logismarket.

If you are already a Logismarket client, access your Client Area and check the improvements: https://clients.logismarket.com

If you still aren't a Logismarket client and want to advertise your products, contact us: https://www.logismarket.co.uk/register