Following Logismarket's Spain steps, where the service already works since September, Logismarket France launches as well the Online Shopping functionality so that the users can buy products for their company through

The buyers can find for their company what they are looking for between the more than 18.000 products available in Logismarket France, compare different trademarks and prices, and finally, request directly the information to the buyer, or else click on the button "Passez commande" to buy the product.

The selling companies will receive the Order Commands through Logismarket and will contact the buyers to manage the methods of payment and the delivery of the products. Logismarket will only act as an intermediary.

To highlight this change in the business model, the Logismarket France slogan also changes from "L'Annuaire industriel" to be "La marketplace industrielle pour les entreprises et les professionnels".